• Health and Safety

The employer may use specialists from outside the workplace to perform tasks related to fire protection and health and safety services. It is more profitable, more effective and more rational for him, especially in the case of companies with many branches.

For logistical reasons, external specialists, available in individual locations, have an easier time responding to emerging threats compared to inspectors operating from the headquarters. This reduces the risk of serious accidents at work. An external specialist also has the option of a more objective assessment of the working conditions, because:

– by supervising companies from various industries, he has more experience and more comprehensive knowledge, as he has encountered similar issues in other enterprises and in project implementation,
– does not have an employee-employer relationship.

  • Welder, bricklayer

We offer experienced employees for the implementation of refractory linings of industrial furnaces (brick linings, concrete linings, soft insulating linings)

  • alpinist